Springdale Public Library – EVP Sessions

So, there we were….laying low to the public eye, taking on some private investigations and continuing our research when a request came in from the Springdale Public Library.  Reports of books flying off of the shelves, strange sounds heard and a reoccurring creepy feeling late in the evening towards the back of the library.   They asked us to come out and take a look and as with all investigations we approach this with an inquisitive and skeptical attitude.  We were somewhat limited with time constraints due to the schedules of the employees on hand at the library so, we rolled in pretty light on gear.  Deciding to lean heavily on our digital audio recorders as we had done in the early days of PPR, this night had a real old school feeling to it.  The night wasn’t exactly off the chain with activity, but there certainly was that eerie feeling at times.

We conducted the investigation on January 10th 2015 and had returned to the library on January 24th to host a public presentation which concluded with a short video of our investigation.


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